Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Land of Inbetween

I understand that the Catholic church has eliminated the concept of Limbo from it's dogma. Good move. It was always a troubling concept for me anyway, the idea that a baby whose parents had not gotten their baptismal act together soon enough could somehow get parked in "no-man's land" and have to wait and wait in some mind-numbingly boring location for Judgment Day. No toys, no ice cream, no cartoons. Seemed downright cruel and not in keeping with the just and loving God that my Catholic upbringing was espousing. It always left me with the ...hmmm, that don't make sense...kind of feeling.

On a secular level, however, I do understand is where I am right now, waiting to make this major move to Alexandria. I have two weeks left here in Costa Rica, and certainly things I can do, but many of the major issues have been resolved (I hope). The movers don't arrive until August 11, so here I sit...waiting. How many games of Spider Solitaire can the human mind take? Reruns of Two and A Half Men? Facebook stalking? (Actually, I am off that since I stumbled on the news of the death of a very good friend from High School...not the kind of news you want to "discover" on the internet). I guess I could use this time to get some exercise, catch up with friends, read War and Peace, but I don't have the energy or the mental stamina. I think I need mind-numbing boring in order to wrap my head around the next adventure. Maybe that was what Limbo was really all about. And, I know that my "Judgment Day" will be here sooner than I expect.


  1. So are you wishing for those days of limbo now that life has gotten so busy with school? How do you like the school and your students, are they all sexists boys like the ISS told you would encounter? Do you miss the kids or some strand of family? It is weird to have that connection on the internet and skype!

  2. Justine, you of all my friends probably have a pretty good sense of what my new situation is like....I really like the school, students and the set-up here. Unlike you, however, I have no roommate to deal with, and they are REALLY taking care of everything for us. But being without family here is going to be harder than I thought. Nonetheless, I think the time will go by pretty quickly. And I will just have to keep busy...I started swimming for some exercise, so that is good. Hope I can keep it up!